External 4G moudle

External 4G moudle

  • Model NO.: T4G-Moudle-01
  • FOB Price:US $ 25.00-28.00 / pieces
  • Min order:500 pieces
  • Accept Min order:No
  • Country of Origin:Shenzhen,China
  • Stock Time:25 Days

External 4G moudle

you can add it at any dash camera what we produce

DSP functional specification

● Single channel, 1080P @30fps or 60fps.
● Double channel, 1080P+ 720P,1080P+1080P.
● Sensor can select SONY 323, SONY 307 and NT0232
● 135 HD wide Angle lens
● Video has the maximum resolution of 1080P*30 frames and 1080P*60fps

4G key functions

● Amazon cloud: the server platform adopts the globally common amazon platform, which can help customers to build or rent their own businesses.
● background monitoring: through the background can monitor the device video, clear and smooth.
● Cloud storage: real-time video stream can be stored in the cloud for later query.
● remote wake-up: can be through the mobile phone terminal, monitoring platform to wake up the device to start recording or access the local video playback.
● Live broadcast in real time: You can view the real-time video stream on the device side through the mobile terminal and monitoring platform.
● Track playback: you can view the track video on the device side through the mobile terminal and monitoring platform.
● Map location: you can view the map location on the device through the mobile phone and monitoring platform.

Introduction to the advantages of this product

Low power consumption: memory current of 5-6ma can be achieved at the device end.
efficient compression format:front-end equipment can use h. 265/ h. 264 efficient codec format.
Fast startup: remote sleep wake and enter video recording time can be shortened to 4~5ms.
MatchingThe front-end equipment has strong adaptability, and it is convenient to replace front-end equipment at different prices according to the needs of the project.
Stability: adopt qualcomm 4G module, which can pass various certifications; add 4G module to small system, which has stronger stability.




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  • Place of Origin:china
  • Brand Name:tiglon
  • Model Number:T4G-Moudle-01
  • Warranty:3 years
  • Memory Capacity:32GB
  • Color:Black